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About Ketamine

unnamed-1-1024x682 About Ketamine Los Angeles Southern CaliforniaLearn more about Ketamine Infusion Therapy

 Discover how Ketamine therapy can relieve chronic pain and depression. Get relief in as little as one treatment!

About Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine is an anesthetic that has been used on both humans and animals for over 52 years. Its ability to anesthetize patients quickly and safely, with few side effects, was quickly realized by the medical community; it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1970. It rapidly became a necessity to doctors all over the world because it doesn’t depress patients’ breathing or circulatory systems like other anesthetics. It is also commonly used as a pain killer for this reason, especially for severe injuries and in crisis situations, since slowing respiration and circulation is a major problem with alternatives, such as opiates and barbiturate analgesics. It’s also very fast-acting.

Ketamine Essential to World Health Organization

Ketamine is one of only two anesthetics listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an “essential drug”. The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations concerned with international public health. Their essential drugs are “those drugs that satisfy the health care needs of the majority of the population; they should therefore be available at all times in adequate amounts and in appropriate dosage forms, at a price the community can afford”. WHO’s essential drugs are the basis for many countries’ national drugs policy.

Benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy For Depression & Pain

In the last 15 years, Ketamine has gradually been used more in non-traditional ways; treating depression and other mood disorders, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD), and other pain conditions. In the last decade, a great deal of clinical research has been conducted by leading institutions all over the world proving IV (intravenous) ketamine’s efficacy in the treatment of these conditions; regularly reporting around a 70% success rate or higher. Yale University, Stanford University, The Cleveland Clinic, USC, UCLA, NYU, The National Institute of Mental Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, and The Black Dog Institute are just a few of those institutions.

Multiple Infusions vs Single Infusion

Much of the early research conducted was based around a single infusion, which proposes two problems. The first one is that many of our patients don’t respond to treatment until after their 2nd infusion. The second problem is that results are generally reported to last an average of 7-10 days. This caused many critics to say, “it works, but it doesnt last”. Because of this, we pioneered a series of 6 infusions over 2-3 weeks, producing a more pronounced and much longer lasting benefit. As of Fall of 2017, there are a number of research papers published on this protocol. See our press and research page for some of them. Although ketamine is also sometimes used IM (intramuscularly), subcutaneously, orally, and insufflated as a nasal spray for the treatment of the before mentioned conditions, we do not administer it through any of these methods. We have heard of some benefit from these methods, but have not seen more than a total of 5 clinical research papers published on them. Furthermore, there are some real concerns as to the safety and level of control needed for continuity of care with them.

Intravenous Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Receiving ketamine intravenously is the only method of administration that has been clinically proven to be effective and thus the only method currently used by Dr. Steven L. Mandel of Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles. We have maximum control over your rate of infusion, with the ability to titrate up or down accordingly based on your level of comfort and improvement. If there are any undesired side effects, we have an IV established and can quickly push medicine to manage nausea or anxiety that begins working within 1 minute. If there are any adverse effects, we can stop the infusion immediately. Each infusion will be consistent, not necessarily experienced the same, but IV enables us to provide a crucial continuity of care. We will know exactly, down to the microgram, how much medicine you received. We can ensure you receive less or more at your next infusion depending on your response. The medicine is felt very quickly, usually within 5 minutes of establishing the IV, and dissipates very quickly, usually within 15-20 minutes of completion.

Read News Reports and Clinical Research on the Rapid Anti-Depressant and Pain Relieving Effects of Ketamine Here

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