How A Bullet Journal Could Improve Your Mental Health

Have you heard of bullet journaling? Originally used as an organizational tool, it’s become incredibly popular for its mental health benefits. Learn more about these journals and how to use one to improve your mental well-being. What are Bullet Journals? Bullet journals flip the script on how typical journaling is [...]

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Who May Need Ketamine Treatments the Most? Veterans

Military Veterans may benefit the most from Ketamine Infusion Therapy According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Center for PTSD, between 10-20% of veterans who completed their military service during America’s most recent conflicts—Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom—suffer from PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Unfortunately, for [...]

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Study shows Ketamine is neuroprotective and can prevent brain damage

Study Shows Ketamine May Help Prevent Brain Damage after Trauma or Stroke Over the past several decades, scientists have made significant advances in understanding how the brain functions. Yet despite this progress, medical science has yet to develop a successful strategy for reducing brain damage during stroke or trauma brain [...]

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People Love Us on Yelp!

By richmond, Irvine, CA " There is really not enough you can say about this doctor, facility or it's staff so I will try to be as consice as possible. Dr. Mandel - Pioneer, brilliant, contagious spirit, Hawkings-like, insightful, empathetic. Brings new definition to the Hippocratic oath. Staff - Alissa, Matt and [...]

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