Medical Team

Denisse, LVN completed her Licensed Vocational Nursing certification in 2014. After working in the medical field for 7 years as a Project Assistant at USC Cancer Center, she was eager to start her career as a nurse. Her interest in becoming a nurse began when she was a little girl and was inspired by her mom’s commitment to caring for the elderly. Her mom taught her the importance of respecting your elders and the difficulties elder patients endure, which inspired Denisse to give comfort to them during their senior years. With such a great mentor, Denisse joined our team excited to bring the spirit of her mom and her previous nursing experience to our environment, all while learning something new in the field of medicine. She is known for her gentle touch and is an IV start expert, with a 98.5 percent success rate on her first try. Sound too exact a measurement? Ask Denisse, she keeps a record of every single IV start in her notebook. Ketamine Therapy is of great personal interest to her, as she had a dear friend whose life may have been saved if this treatment had been known and available at the time.

Denisse has a natural way of caring for patients. She comes from a large family and helped raise her younger brothers, niece, and nephews. She was passionate about the arts in high school, dabbling in drama classes and tapping into her quirky personality. As a nurse she is a calm, poised, and soft-spoken; always making patients her number-one priority.

A native of Los Angeles, Denisse grew up a city girl and is bilingual in Spanish and English. She adores her husband, who is a chef and makes her lunches daily to keep her well-nourished for our patients. In her spare time, she likes to cuddle with her dog Penny, read novels, go to concerts, watch a good comedy or animated movie, and spend time with family and friends.  


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