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Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles Blog

Ketamine Infusion Common and Rare Side Effects

iStock_000000305842Small-300x225 Ketamine Infusion Common and Rare Side Effects Los Angeles Southern CaliforniaKetamine Infusion Therapy has become increasingly accepted as a safe, proven and effective procedure to treat symptoms of severe depression and several other chronic and painful conditions. One of the key advantages of ketamine over traditional therapies is that it does not involve serious or persistent unpleasant side effects in most cases.

Ketamine Therapy is delivered in low doses, which are spread over several days. Therefore, it is safe to administer the treatment in-office without the risk of any major side effects. However, it is critical to choose a qualified provider who has the expertise in IV ketamine and is able to administer the treatment in precise and controlled dosages.

During the initial consultation, a dedicated provider will discuss the potential side effects to help the patient make an informed decision. Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, led by Dr. Steven Mandel, provides ketamine infusion treatments to patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, and surrounding communities in this part of The Golden State.


Common Side Effects

The following potential side effects may be commonly associated with Ketamine Infusion Therapy:


Severe Side Effects

  • The patient’s heartbeat may become faster during the IV ketamine procedure.
  • The patient’s blood pressure may increase during the treatment, and may continue to remain higher for some time after the treatment.
  • Involuntary quivering of the body may occur in a few patients during the IV Ketamine Therapy.
  • A few patients may begin to speak or make sounds with their voice during the treatment.

While these side effects are considered rather severe, they will occur only in a few cases. Increased heartbeat and high blood pressure will typically normalize in about two hours after the treatment.


Less Severe Side Effects

  • The patient may experience a sense of confusion, fuzziness or lack of clarity for some time during and after the Ketamine Therapy.
  • A few patients may become delirious during the treatment.
  • Hallucinations or a sense of altered reality may occur in a few patients while the IV ketamine is in progress.
  • Mild mood swings may be experienced during or after the procedure.
  • Some patients may experience nightmares after the treatment.

These side effects are less severe, and will typically dissipate on their own without requiring treatment.


Infrequent Side Effects

Some of the side effects may occur infrequently after Ketamine Infusion Therapy:

  • Abnormal drop in blood pressure
  • Reduced function of the lungs
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Throwing Up
  • Abnormal increase in muscle tone
  • Skin redness or rashes

These are most severe symptoms, but will occur only infrequently.


Rare Side Effects


  • A Spasm of the Larynx
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Inflammation of the Bladder
  • Severe Allergic Reaction
  • Episodes of Not Breathing


Less Severe

  • Double Vision
  • Nausea
  • Increased Pressure in the Eye
  • Involuntary Eye Movement
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Symptoms at Injection Site

The benefits of ketamine IV usually far outweigh the risks. This explains the growing popularity of this treatment. Judicious and stellar Dr. Mandel receives patients from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California, and nearby areas for ketamine infusion treatments.

For more information about treatments for depression, bipolar, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), fibromyalgia, pain syndromes and other conditions contact us at the Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles in Southern California (Orange County) by clicking here or calling  310-270-0625 

Treating patients from LA, Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Sacramento,CA,  Las Vegas, NV and many other cities from west to east coast.

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