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5on Google,Feb 26, 2020


Welcoming professional staff. Helped with my treatment resistant depression some. Painless experience. Always on time for appointments.

5on Google,Feb 25, 2020


these treatments have dramatically helped my depression, anxiety, and overall mood. it has given me a new hope for life! i’m starting to feel like my old self again, which i haven’t felt like in years. would definitely recommend.

5on Google,Feb 20, 2020


The staff was amazing. I felt comfortable and relaxed before and after each session.

5on Google,Feb 11, 2020


Dr. Mandel is a lifesaver! I am bipolar and have suffered with depression for many years, it got to the point I had ECT because I had tried all the drugs and nothing worked. The ECT destroyed my short term memory and some of my long term too. This was about 20 years ago. Finally I found Lamictal because I had a seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy and the dose for that worked for my depression. My doctor had tried it at a much lower dose many years earlier. I had been depression free for quite some time but I got a Progesterone birth control shot and there was also something going on at the same time in my personal life and both of them threw me into a deep, horrible depression. My psychiatrist told me about Dr. Mandel and Ketamine treatment and I was all for it. I was worried about side effects because of my experience with ECT but it was a very relaxing, peaceful and pleasant experience. The first two treatments didn't really seem to do anything but they upped my dose and the third treatment I felt completely different. After my fourth I was completely cured of my depression! I started to become manic so I saved the last two treatments that had already been payed for as backups in case I am hit with a deep depression again. I just wish Ketamine had been around 20 years ago, it would have saved me , my family and friends much anguish especially all my suicide attempts. Ketamine works like a miracle! I was so worried that it wasn't going to work just like all the other stuff I had tried but it did and I thank God for Ketamine and Dr. Mandel and I would recommend Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles to anyone battling depression. It really works!!!

5on Google,Feb 03, 2020


To be honest, it took me a long time to get myself to write this review, because my experience has been so profoundly positive. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to properly put words to it, and do it justice. Working with Dr. Mandel and KCLA has literally changed my life. I don't mean that hyperbolically, or figuratively. It actually has. After many years of therapy, and trying nearly every med for severe depression and anxiety, I'd come a long way. But, I still felt very stuck and discouraged. I was referred to Dr. Mandel and his clinic by a new psychiatrist, who had other patients who experienced great success with Dr. Mandel's treatment. I'd never heard of ketamine treatment, so I was skeptical. After the first infusion, that completely shifted. As I continued the 6 infusion protocol, I felt progressively better, in ways I hadn't experienced before. I actually started to experience a lot of joy, the world suddenly seemed a lot less scary, and I found myself easily doing things that I usually had to force myself to do. I have continued to do booster treatments when I feel stuck again, and feel like I need help. Those experiences come and go. But, this treatment allowed me to experience what it meant to truly enjoy my life, and be present and more engaged. The way I've gotten the most of the treatment is working hard in therapy in tandem with it. I think this is a vital component for the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment benefits (and the Dr. and his staff would agree). It's not a magic bullet or panacea. But, it can profoundly shift your experience of day to day life, and give you the "fuel" you need to take action. To engage yourself more in your life and the world, to implement new behaviors, build the habits necessary for having a life that is meaningful for you. I still struggle here and there, but this treatment has given (and continues to give) me the tools to deal with those moments more skillfully when I do, and to make better choices around taking care of my self, and how I get through it. I want to express my deepest thanks to Dr. Mandel, and his whole team. They have been nothing but wonderfully caring, supportive, understanding, comforting, and kind. I highly recommend ketamine treatment with them to anyone who is struggling with depression and/or anxiety.

5on Google,Dec 21, 2019


I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. The entire staff (with NO exceptions) is a shining example of love, compassion, wisdom, and care. They truly have their patients’ well-being in mind, and genuinely want to see their patients recover and live happily and healthily. The way they follow each patient’s progress, and constantly check in and follow-up is such a valuable asset for patients. From the front desk staff, to the nurses, to the physician’s assistants, each member of the care team is a true treasure. The setting itself and the amenities provided also make this clinic feel more like a spa than medical facility. Highly, highly recommend.

5on Google,Dec 20, 2019


The staff was amazing.

4on Google,Dec 19, 2019


Came in for a booster and as before it did lift my mood. I definitely feel better and ready to tackle the new year. I really hope they are able to make their music selection better or better yet allow us to bring in our own playlist. Music is a huge part of the experience for me and I would prefer to use my own. Hoping they change this policy! Thanks again to the staff!

5on Google,Dec 19, 2019


The staff is friendly and caring. Very professional.